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What is the STNA’s Salary?

How Much is the STNA’s Salary?

STNA Salary

State Tested Nurse Aides (STNA), sometimes known as State Tested Nursing Assistants are nurse assistants trained under programs approved by the state of Ohio. Their main responsibilities include taking care of people which need constant medical attention, patients who need help in their daily living and people who may need nurse assistant to take care of them for a short period of time.


Under the Federal law, all nurse assistants are required to become certified or registered with the respective states that they work. For STNAs, this mean a valid certification with the Department of Health in Ohio is required before one is allowed to work.

All potential nurse assistants are required to undergo training in an accredited school recognized by the state. Normally, the students must go through a total 75 hours of classroom and practical experience. Upon completion of the program which normally runs for two and a half weeks, students must passed the exam set by the state; only then will the certification be issued and students can then begin their career in the nursing industry. STNAs normally work in hospitals, nursing homes and places with assisted facilities.

STNA Salary

Overall for those that work in Ohio, the average STNA’s salary is in the region between $22,000 and $27,000. Of course the income will also depend on the experience and the place and region that you work. Logically, the salary will be higher for those working in the metropolitan area as the cost of living is higher.

As you gain more experience in the nursing industry it is expected that your income will also increase over the years. For some, they may be paid an hourly rate $11 depending on the types of work that you do. This is in comparison to the national average $12 for those who are being paid hourly.

When compared to other nurse assistants’ salary across the nation, the income earned by nurse assistants in Ohio is on par or about the same income as many of their fellow workers in the nursing industry.

Working Environment 

The working environments for nurse assistants are very challenging. Most of their working condition is fast paced and often requires a lot of attention. A little slip-up and they may cause injury to the patients. They spend a majority of their time walking and  must be ready to carry patients which may be very heavy.

Not all nurse aides will work in nursing homes or hospitals with assisted facilities; some will work in private homes. Under such environment, the challenge is to be able to take of the patient all by yourself as there will not be other medical staff around. You may have to bath and dress the patient, take care of the patient’s personal hygiene plus any other tasks that may be required from time to time.

The STNA career is very rewarding emotionally and financially. Besides being able to help patients in need, you will also be rewarded with good STNA salary and a great career path. This is also your stepping stone to become a nurse or to other career path in a very rewarding nursing industry.

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